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Balanced & Free Mom Boss Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode, I will talk about productivity guilt and the fear of not being enough. Productivity guilt is basically the feeling of guilt caused by thinking that you should be doing more or feel that no matter how much you put in your day, there's always something that you could have accomplished. 

Join me in this episode of the Balanced and Free Mom Boss for a discussion on productivity guilt and what we can do to take control over it.

Key points:

Your productivity guilt does not define your worth or value. Don't let it make you feel that your effort isn't enough.

Productivity guilt is mostly thoughts and beliefs that haven't been questioned. You have the power to decide what your expectations for your life are.

Don't beat yourself up if mistakes happen or if you fall short of expectation. Allow yourself to make mistakes or fall short on expectations. What's important is your presence and your intentions. 


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