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Balanced & Free Mom Boss Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

In this episode, I will talk about our search for the how's, why's, and the what's, and how to get there. When we're trying to achieve something or get something that we want, we often find something that works and execute it. This seems like an easier approach, but it does not necessarily mean that it's the most suitable for you. The thing is, there are multiple ways to achieve a single result. The method that works best for another person may not be best for you.

Join me in this episode of the Balanced and Free Mom Boss to discuss the "how, why, and what's of getting things done and achieving goals.  


Key points;

It's important to know the how, what, and the why's on what we want to achieve. Trust yourself when you've uncovered the "why."

There are multiple ways to achieve a single result, so your way of getting there might differ from others. Looking inward is very helpful when you're trying to achieve something that you want.

When you align your thinking with what you want to achieve, the action will become second nature to you, and your desired result will come naturally.


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