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Balanced & Free Mom Boss Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

In this episode, I will talk about how to avoid feeling helpless and resentful when somebody isn't respecting your boundary. I will also explain how we often create the results that we are trying to avoid by trying to avoid them. We'll also talk about how to focus on you and how to honor and respect the decisions you've made.

Join me in this episode of Balanced and Free Mom Boss and let me help you build confidence and trust in yourself and the confidence and trust that others have in you as well that can give you time, energy and freedom, and even love and appreciation.

Key Points:

Boundaries aren't always really set in stone
Do you work when it's work time and mom when it's mom time?
Misunderstanding on what boundaries even are
A true boundary is something that you respect and honor
You aren't fully focused on what you're doing so things take longer
You have a hard time telling people "no"
You lack clarity or direction either in your business or in your home life, you're overwhelmed and burned out
You have boundaries but you don't communicate them to anyone
We have trouble setting and honoring our boundaries because we are afraid to disappoint or hurt someone
Decide what your boundaries are, start with one

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