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Balanced & Free Mom Boss Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

In this episode, I will talk about allocating space for what you want and the importance of intentionally creating space for your goals. Managing and dedicating time and space for everything you do is very important for a balanced and successful life. Having clear intentions on what you want will help you organize and prioritize your thoughts and allow space for what's important.

Join me in this episode of the Balanced and Free Mom Boss for a discussion on allowing space for yourself and organizing your thoughts and belief to help get you going towards your goals.


Key points:

The physical things that we think we want or need are never as important as why we want them.

If we're able to choose how we go after our dreams and our goals more intentionally, we feel better in the process.

Humans are hardwired for growth. That's why it's necessary to allow space for us to grow in.


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